The CLHIA made a statement clarifying whether the COVID-19 vaccination will affect your insurance coverage.

From the CLHIA website:

Contrary to misinformation being shared on-line, receiving a COVID-19 vaccine will have no effect on the ability to obtain coverage or benefits from life insurance or supplementary health insurance.

The CLHIA is aware of misinformation that is being spread through social media claiming that individuals who get the vaccine will not be able to get life insurance or may be denied their life insurance benefits. These claims are incorrect and have no basis in fact whatsoever.

Canada’s life and health insurers stress that vaccination is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself and others from serious illness and death from COVID-19. Receiving the vaccine will not affect your individual or workplace life or health insurance policies, or ability to apply for future coverage.

As with any medication approved for use in Canada, the COVID-19 vaccines have been found safe and effective through Health Canada’s independent scientific and medical assessment process.

Individuals who have questions about their coverage are encouraged to consult their policy and contact their insurer directly.


“Getting the vaccine will not affect your insurance coverage. No one should be afraid and choose to not protect themselves from COVID-19 because they are worried about it affecting their benefits. All of Canada’s life and health insurers are supportive of Canadians receiving government approved vaccinations to protect themselves from serious illness and death.”

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