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Helping achieve your financial goals through financial advice.[nbsp_tc]

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Strategies to help increase your personal cash flow, keep key employees and protect your business.

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We provide strategies to help families to accumulate and protect your wealth.

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Steinbach & Klassen Financial

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We are pleased to announce that today that Klassen Financial[nbsp_tc]has acquired Steinbach Financial effective January 1st, 2020.[nbsp_tc]

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  • We have a large but young family and we knew we needed different kinds of insurance. We needed life insurance coverage as well as group health benefits that would cover our family and our needs. We wanted peace of mind and security, but deep down what we felt was that we weren’t being smart about preparing for the unknown and the what if’s. We wanted our family to be protected. As we searched for someone who could help us get a handle on our needs we found Paul Reimer and his team at Klassen financial. He was easy to get along with and made us feel at home with his hospitality and interest in us as people. We felt comforted knowing he had helped others in our situation. The team back then made everything look easy (and they still do). We got an understanding of the coverage we needed for our family’s current & future needs. They looked over present coverage, made suggestions and then took us step by step in getting coverage in place for our life insurance and also a group benefit plan for our business. If you need a simple way of understanding all the in’s, outs and confusions of insurance? call Klassen Financial right away. We felt taken care of, and taken out of the confusing unknown. We felt that if the worst were to happen tomorrow, our family would be taken care of. Paul & his team took us from unsure and worried to covered and confident when it came to insurance and we’re grateful for it.

    Brenton Thompson Summer Bounce Entertainment.
  • I have known Paul for a number of years, and have always found him to be honest, straightforward and competent. Any question or concern was answered in clear, concise, and understandable language. He and Shannon walked me through the whole process, helped me pick out the policies that would best suit my employee's needs and spent hours going over each point of the proposals. Even now, years later, they still gives me the same level of attention that they did when we first met. I enjoy working with Paul and Shannon and would recommend them to anyone without any hesitation.

    Dr. Luke Singh Hanover Dental
  • Paul Reimer is awesome, easy to deal with, my entire family loves him and he always makes us feel welcome. Especially with a large young family, we feel well taken care of. Insurance and company benefits are easily explained and his awesome team makes sure we feel right at home every time we visit Or when he visits us. We've worked with other insurance & financial companies in the past and even with the need to make a switch Paul ensured that we were never left out in the cold or uninsured, instead he made the transition smooth, pleasant and comfortable. We always felt he had our best interest at heart. Anyone asks us, we say Paul is our guy 🙂 He also assisted us from a corporate side and makes sure our staff has benefits that they can use which adds benefit to them being on our team. Thanks Paul, you da best!

  • Before working with Paul Reimer at Klassen Financial, we had worked with several different institutions. We were never happy and the relationships always they ended in frustration. When we started working with Paul it was apparent right from the start that his down to earth approach would fit well into our multi-generational business. He never tries to provide us with something we don’t need and always seems to find the products that meet our needs well. Due to his exemplary performance Paul has earned our trust and become a very valuable fixture as part of our financial team. The nicest thing about dealing with Paul is I no longer have to worry about the areas of our business that Paul deals with. He is linked in with our accountant, lawyer, banker, and the rest of our financial team and expertly carries out any required tasks that the team has deemed necessary. In any business there are people that are necessary and there are people that you really look forward to dealing with so they can help your business grow. Paul is definitely one of those people that myself and the rest of my team look forward to dealing with.

    Brent Oswald Cottonwood Holsteins
  • We had wanted to do succession planning for many years, but we didn't know how to start or finish, or the process in between. Paul mentioned to us one day that he could handle it for us, so we met with him and he set us on the right path. He gave us a lot of good information we'd been looking for, recommended the insurance we needed and referred us to other professionals required. There were still a lot of decisions to make along the way, but the process was smooth and we are pleased with the results. We've been able to let our children know what will happen with the business in the future and they are happy that it's all taken care of for them. We enjoy working with Paul, he's a friend as well as our advisor and he has kept our private information confidential.

    Mark Loewen Loewen Body Shop
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